Martina Karra was born Martina Tedi Dimitrova in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She grew up there after the fall of communism, which was a very challenging time for the country. When thirteen years old Martina moved to Vienna, Austria.

Martina speaks Bulgarian, German and English fluently. Attending Art school in Vienna she specialized in painting and art history.

At the age of seventeen Martina started modelling. To this day Wiener Models, is her mother agency.

Martina’s modeling career in Vienna picked up quickly. One of her very first jobs was a cover-shoot for an Austrian magazine. She shot numerous covers, campaigns, catalogues, music videos and so on. 2012 Martina was nominated in Bulgaria for Woman of the Year by Grazia magazine.

After spending 5 years of traveling in Europe as a model Martina went to New York City and immediately fell in love with it. She decided to stay and begun her acting training at the Susan Batson Studio.

Her feature film „Double Riddle“ was accepted in numerous Film festivals all around USA and Europe. For her character „Iris“ Martina received “Best Lead Actress” Awards at the International Filmmaker Festival in London 2019 and Fusion Filmfestival in Valencia, Spain 2019.